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Myth: Children Need To Reach A Certain Age Before They Receive Chiropractic Care

There are no restrictions. Chiropractic care is safe and effective for all ages of pediatric patients from infants to teens.

While it has become a widely accepted form of treatment for many adults who suffer with chronic issues, it is often over-looked that children as young as infants can benefit from as little as one adjustment. For very small children (under three) it us hard for them to communicate the source of any pain or discomfort. And as children become active and experience more things, the risk of injury goes up and they become susceptible to more environmental toxins. With gentle chiropractic and a "whole-istic" approach, children can experience a stronger spine and a more effective nervous + immune system.

Happy Mother with her Child


Diverse Kindergarten


Girl in Classroom



"Pretty Much An Adult"

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